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Summer Camp Registration 2019

March 4 - August 16, 2019 $35
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Dates & Times

  • Mar 4 - Aug 16, 2019
    8:00am - 8:00pm

Attendee Types

  • Non-SCA Attendees
  • SCA Student

About Summer Camp Registration 2019


Financial Policies and Procedures:
• At the time of your child’s enrollment, you will be asked to sign a tuition agreement and pay a one-time $35.00 Registration Fee to attend the 2019 summer program. Payments can be made on our online payment system.

• Early registration payments ($135) are due on Friday for the following week.
• Late registration payments ($145) are due on Monday for the current week.

Late Child Pick-Up:
• Southeastern Christian Academy Summer Camp opens at 7:45AM and closes promptly at 5:30PM.
• We do NOT offer after-hour services.
• If your child is here beyond 5:30PM, you will be charged $1.00 per minute.

Terminating Contract:
• Southeastern Christian Academy may terminate this contract at any time depending on the circumstances in consideration of the welfare of the children and staff.

Summer Camp Pricing:

$135 per week: This includes all field trips, morning and afternoon snack, and lunch. You will receive a weekly newsletter that informs you of the departure and arrival times for field trips, as well as special activities on campus. In addition, parents are to send a bag lunch with the children on days of field trips.

Photo/Video Consent:

Photos and videos will be taken throughout the summer. They may be posted on social media such as, but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We are very proud of the programs within Southeastern Christian Academy. These photos and videos can be used to promote our
programs in a positive way and give you a glimpse of the activities and fun that your child/ children are having.

Consent to Use Photos:

I DO give my consent for the above minor child’s name/photo/picture/video to be used in school picture boards/brochures/websites/Facebook/Twitter/social media or any materials published regarding activities sponsored by or participated in by Southeastern Christian Academy.

In Case of an Emergency:

If an Emergency arises, I hereby give permission to Southeastern Christian Academy to secure emergency medical, dental, and/or emergency surgical treatment and to provide emergency transportation for my child. Non-emergency medical treatment or elective surgery is not included in this authorization.


I am agreeing to waive, release, and hold harmless Southeastern Christian Academy and its members' agents, and employees from any and all claims and liability arising out of your child’s participation in the program whether on campus or off campus and transportation thereto and from the destination.


I do give Southeastern Christian Academy permission to administer medication during Southeastern Christian Academy hours of operation. A licensed physician has prescribed this medication and Southeastern Christian Academy has record of the medical condition, medicine to the administered, and the dosage. It is not Southeastern Christian Academy’s policy to administer medicines-unless it is necessary to prevent illness such as allergic reactions or asthma. I hereby release Southeastern Christian Academy’s employees from any and all liability that may result from my child taking the medication.

Please read the above agreement thouroughly, you will be asked to electronically sign during registration that you agree to these terms.